Used by the police, military, and emergency services throughout the world!

Anyone who has driven an RV knows how dangerous a steering axle tire blowout can be. We have now fitted over 5,000 Class A motor coaches with Tyron.

Tyron is proven to help prevent rollovers caused by tire blowouts.

A blown tire can cause damage to any truck, especially big rigs. Don’t jeopardize your life, your truck, or your precious cargo. Top carriers such as FedEx use Tyron.

Results Driven

Tyron greatly reduces the risk of a serious accident, injury of fatality following rapid tire deflation. When a tire deflates, air pressure can no longer hold it in its correct place on the wheel. It becomes free to move about and the tire’s beads can slip into the “well” of the wheel allowing the tire to flail. Steering, braking and traction control is lost and the flapping tire can cause serious damage to the vehicle’s brakes, suspension and bodywork.

Proven Technology

Tyron is attached over the wheel’s “drop center” after the tire has been fitted. After a puncture of blowout, Tyron supports the deflated tire and prevents it from falling into the wheel well. This action greatly increases tire stability, and therefore steering, cornering and braking control can be dramatically improved.

Winning Design

Tyron is simply attached over the wheel’s well after the tire has been fitted and so supports the deflated tire, preventing it from slipping in the well, significantly increasing tire stability: and therefore, steering, cornering and braking control.

Top Performance

That is why police forces use it on high-speed vehicles, and why military, security, government and emergency services throughout the world use Tyron.

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