Our Customers

Tyron was originally invented and developed in England for use in the military. Since that time, it has become standard equipment on thousands of police, fire, ambulance, and First Response vehicles all over the world, not to mention tens of thousands of consumer and recreational vehicles.

Introduced recently in the United States, our customers include police departments from Miami to Medford (OR) and from Hartford (CT) to Los Angeles. LAPD uses Tyron on all SUV’s in their fleet. Los Angeles Sheriffs equip hundreds of patrol cars as well as the SWAT (SEB) Team. As our government ships hundreds of armored vehicles abroad such as Iraq for use in “theatre”, most all are fitted with Tyron. For vehicles involved in fighting fire, we have been approved for use and are fitted by Pierce and Wheeled Coach.

Tyron is the most tested primary safety product ever produced. To help protect you and your family from the dangers of tire failure, Tyron is now available for autos, SUV’s, light and heavy trucks, trailers, fifth wheels, towables, and campers.


Tyron Automotive Group Ltd. was founded in 1979 and is located in Nottingham, England.

Tyron developed and patented the “well-filler” wheel band as a result of a request from England’s Ministry of Defense. Installation of Tyron gives troops a “getaway” capability when tires are subjected to gunfire.

Tyron recently received a Smart Award from the British Government for innovation and landmark achievements in tire safety for the general public.

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