What vehicles need Tyron's blowout protection? All of them!


Anyone who has driven an RV knows how dangerous a steering axle tire blowout can be. We have now fitted over 17,000 Class A motor coaches with Tyron.

Auto & SUV

Tyron is proven to help prevent rollovers caused by tire blowouts.

Commercial Trucks

A blown tire can cause damage to any truck, especially big rigs. Don’t jeopardize your life, your truck or your precious cargo. Top carriers such as FedEx use Tyron.

Trailers, Towables and Fifth Wheels

Tyron has been fitted to over 100,000 units worldwide and has saved lives for years preventing jackknifing and whipping associated with trailer blowouts.

Emergency Response

The last place you would want to be stranded with a flat tire is with a police car, fire truck, or ambulance! First response means everything. That’s why Pierce Manufacturing, the world’s largest fire truck manufacturer, installs Tyron at their factory. Watch a demo of a tire blowout on a fire tanker fitted with Tyron at
TYRON tested to the extreme by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Pursuit Course.
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