A week ago a one in a million accident happened to me. First of all I spent the extra money at the time of purchase for a flat tire protection system called, Tyron. I was reluctant to do it and almost backed out. I truly believe it protected my Wife and three grandchildren last week. Most people will tell you that a blowout with the tires that are made today is highly unlikely.

Here is what happened to me:
I was doing the speed limit (55) on a two lane highway with a small sholder then a sudden drainage dropoff about three feet. I think 3 feet would be enough to tip an out of control motor home on its side. There were road workers on the right and a long line of trafic cones. As we came to the end of the cones and the road work, the car in front of us, turned in too soon and hit a cone. In a matter of seconds the cone spun away from him and looped back into the front tire as it spun. The one in a million; the cone hit the tire pressure monitor and broke off the valve stem. The air released from the tire quickly and the tire blew between the sidewall and tread. Fear set in instantly but, I was able to drive to the side of the road and maneuver in the gravel area while decreasing speed safely. The only reason that I knew it was a blowout was the vibration, smell and noise. If I would have veered more than three feet right I would have hit the drainage ditch. The Tyron unit kept the sidewalls erect and saved us. Needless to say I have ordered a replacement and will gladly pay for it. Damage was minimized to the tire monitor and tire.

– Jim O
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